Lamisul works exclusively with lumber blades. Our products provide superiority and refinement in the composition of the most sundry environments. The materials coated with lumber blades, besides sustainable, since it optimizes the use of wood, have high durability and a wide variety of patterns.
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Amapá Angelim Canela Carvalho Branco
Carvalho Vermelho Caucho Cedro Cerejeira
Cinamomo Currupixá Figueira Freijó
Goiabão Claro Goiabão Escuro Ipê Itaúba
Jatobá Jequetibá Rosa Louro Vermelho Marfim
Nogueira Peroba Pinus Sucupira
Sumauma Tauari
Lamisul - Since 1973

Making History

Lamisul Lumber Trade Limited was founded in 1972, by Mr. Sady Maria Bordin initiative, with the goal of produce lumber veneer blades.